Business Data Security – Keeping Your Data Secure In 2022

business data security tips in 2022

Your data is one of the most important aspects to your business, especially in 2022 with digital software playing such a large part of every organisation. Unfortunately, with that, the likelihood of data breaches is constantly increasing, so businesses must do ever more to protect their data. In fact, cyber criminals make an attempt on business data every 39 seconds! Here are a few business data security tactics, both physical and cyber, in order to help keep your business’s digital brain safe.

Physical Security

There are a range of physical security measures that businesses can put in place that will prevent any unauthorised access to servers or computers that might be holding confidential information. A layered approach is the strongest way to protect your onsite data, so that several access barriers are in place.

General Building Security

The first measure to take is to make sure your building’s external security is up to date and effective. This includes testing or installing CCTV systems, implementing security guards and using smart locks on all entrances to the building.

By doing this, you’ll make it very difficult for unauthorised personnel to enter the premises in the first place, let alone breach any data!

Server / Computer Room Security

Another physical measure – or data security layer – that you can implement to keep your business data secure is to add server room security, including things like locks and CCTV monitoring.

Adding a smart lock system for entry to your server room can prevent people from entering who shouldn’t, as well as alerting any breaches or failed attempts to gain entry.

The same applies for any computer rooms onsite that are likely to contain sensitive business data.

Server Rack Locking

Just as it sounds, server rack locking is when you lock access to the individual server racks within your server room. This provides yet another layer that will make it that much harder to access.

To lock your server racks, you can use secure cabinets with either a standard physical padlock, or by using a smart lock system that requires either a fingerprint or ID card to allow access.

By using a combination of all these security measures, you’ll create a layered system that will be extremely hard to breach. This can also be applied to any other secure areas that your business may have.

Cyber Security

Business data security strategies don’t just consist of physical methods – they require layers of cyber security too. By using both in combination, you’ll ensure that all important digital information is kept completely secure at all times. Here are some cyber security measures you can take:

Staff training

Especially now that more staff members are working from home, it’s very important that staff are trained to protect online details. This includes training them on how to login and logout effectively, which cyber security software to use, how to write secure passwords, and how they can set up multi-factor authentication for all of their logins.

Regular updates to password protection

Passwords are what keep people from accessing certain areas, so the weaker they are, the more likely it is for unauthorised people to be able to access those areas. By regularly updating passwords and the software that uses them, you’ll make unauthorised access very difficult.

All passwords should therefore be random, secure, and changed frequently so that they are harder to guess or stumble upon.

Layered security

Finally, a simple yet effective method of preventing access to precious business data is to layer your cyber security. This means that you create individual areas for different steps of the access path, each one with a separate login.

This means that anyone who wants to access your data will have to break 3 or 4 layers and passwords, instead of only 1 or 2.


By combining all of the business data security tips, you can maintain a high level of protection for all data and online information. In an age when cyber-crime is at an all-time high, it should remain an absolute priority for your business.