Comparing Different Types Of Security – What’s The Most Effective For You?


When it comes to protecting your business, there are many physical security measures that can help to provide what you need. From security guards to CCTV systems, it’s important that you choose the right options for your site in order to best protect it against damage, theft, trespassing, and other crime.

Here are some of the most effective physical security measures, how they work, and which sites they’re best suited to.


Manned Guarding


Manned guarding or security guards are arguably the most effective form of site security, giving you the ability to detect and react to incidents in real time.

A physical security guard presence can work on several levels, acting as a visual deterrent, prevention system, and staff support team. Whilst they are one of the more expensive forms of physical security, it is one of the only methods that can help to resolve incidents in real time, when they happen, which could save your business significant time and resources over time.


Best Suited To:

  • Large corporate offices
  • Retail stores
  • Educational institutions
  • Banks and financial buildings


cctv cameras and monitoring systems in bedfordshire - business securityCCTV


CCTV systems are used for site surveillance around the clock, helping your business to keep watch of all areas of your site – from the building’s entrances, to other vulnerable spots, to carparks and

They offer a number of primary security benefits. The first is that you are able to keep a close watch (with full recording and footage backup) of your entire site at all times – both when people are on-site and during the night when there may be nobody around. They also act as a great visual deterrent, having been shown to lower crime thanks to their ability to put off low level criminals who are afraid of being recognised and caught.


Best Suited To:

  • Retail stores
  • Transportation hubs (airports, bus stations, train stations etc)
  • Industrial facilities
  • Hospitality industry (hotels, resorts, restaurants etc)


Mobile Patrols


Mobile patrols involve patrol vehicles monitoring your site throughout the day and night, helping to keep the area safe and complete regular checks to make sure that your business is safe.

High profile liveried vehicles are used to create maximum deterrent value as they patrol the area, already helping to minimise crime. These patrols can be scheduled randomly or at specific ‘high-risk’ times to suit your business’s operation. Officers can then carry out regular checks on access points, identify potential security risks, and provide ongoing reports to keep you up-to-date.


Best Suited To:

  • Construction sites
  • Commercial and retail centres
  • Campuses and other spread out sites with multiple buildings or entry points


Deciding Which Is Best For Your Business


As you can see, different security measures are best suited to different organisations and site types, depending on the risk factor, size and layout of the site. Using this guide, you can apply different security measures to your site’s needs and more clearly see which is going to help you protect your organisation most effectively.

With manned guarding being the most expensive but most effective, and CCTV being the most affordable yet most passive form of security, you need to decide where your site stands, examine your current security situation and risk, and establish what you can afford.


If you would like to discuss your specific organisation and its current situation to receive further advice on which security measures are needed at your site, feel free to get in touch with us today!