Do You Really Still Need Security Guards in 2022?

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In today’s modern world, many schools, businesses, and organisations ask themselves – do we really still need security guards? With so many technological advances in security, it can be tricky to decide whether or not physical guards are still required in order to stay safe, or whether the tech alone can do the job. Fear not, we’re here to help you decide and understand the answer to that question!

What Are The Technology-Based Alternatives That Are Often Used?

Depending on the situation and requirements, different equipment is used to provide an added layer of security. These measures include:

  • CCTV systems – wireless surveillance camera systems that can be used to record activity 24hrs a day, with nobody required onsite.
  • Intruder alarms & sensors – sensors and alarms around the premises can be used to detect a breach immediately, as well as alert authorities and security teams.
  • Smart locks / access control – these can be placed at building entrances to prevent unauthorised access effectively. It makes it harder for those without a ‘key’ to enter the premises.

Why Human Security Is So Good

eventSecurity guards are so effective due to their versatility and wide range of skills. Whilst they act as a strong visual deterrent, they’re also highly trained to detect threats and deal with incidents as they occur. Recognising strange human behaviour, spotting vulnerabilities, and dealing with a problem immediately are things that none of the tech-based security solutions can really provide.

Additionally, security guards are able to protect any area of your building effectively. Is there a spot that’s too poorly lit for CCTV? A vulnerable access point where you can’t install a lock or gate? Security guards can manage all of these areas, and have the ability to shift to different areas throughout the day depending on where your premises might be most at risk.

So, Do You Need Security Guards In 2022?

If you want the most effective, most secure measure in place, then the answer is yes. Even though technology is advancing and these measures alone still help, they’re never going to be as effective as a physical security guard’s presence. Guards can patrol areas that technology cannot. They can also read and interpret human behaviour that cameras or sensors can’t, and they have the ability to directly intervene with incidents as they happen – something that a fixed alarm, smart lock, or camera simply can’t do.

For more information on effective manned guarding and safeguarding officers, you can read our service page or get in touch with us today. We’ll be able to explain the purposes of our guards in more detail, as well as how they can support your specific situation.