Event Security Tips For The Summer

event security tips for the summer - keep your events safe this year

As we’re approaching the summer, the event period is getting extremely busy. Security at events is one of the most important factors when planning and maintaining a safe environment, however many smaller organisers might be unaware of the extensive requirements that need to be thought through for a security system to be most effective. By considering these event security tips, we’re sure that you’ll be able to put on an enjoyable, safe event!


1 – Carry Out A Security Risk Assessment

Each event will have its own security requirements and needs – a birthday event is unlikely to need as much security as a large-scale political event for example. By assessing your event and the potential risks that may arise, you can ensure that you’ve got sufficient measures in place to deal with them.

Consider things like where your event is taking place (indoors / outdoors, city or village etc), what the purpose of the event is, the size of the event, who will be at the event, and whether there are any expected safety issues as a result of the location.


2 – Sufficient Security Checkpoints

Setting up multiple security checkpoints outside of your event is one of the most effective ways to keep your event safe and secured. Making it necessary to pass through several security barriers before entry will prevent any dangerous or unauthorised access.

Setting up security teams at the carpark entrance and then at the event’s entrance is a good way to ensure that attendees are thoroughly checked and in turn will make it difficult for unwanted visitors.


3 – Make Sure That Security Measures Are Highly Visible

It’s all well and good having the odd security measure in place, but making sure that they’re always within sight can make all the difference. Attendees will feel safer and criminals or potential intruders will be deterred.

Placing security guards around the site in high-vis jackets, setting up CCTV cameras, and using signs to inform people of ticket checks and bag searches are good ways to do so.



4 – Make the Most of Professional Support

The best way to secure your event will always be to rely on professional services and teams. With the experience and expertise that they can provide, you’ll always know that your event is safe. Professional event security teams will be able to deal with situations effectively, work with event management for seamless protection, and provide excellent service to those attending.


As an experienced and fully trained event security provider, Aegis Security can help with any event needs that you may have – whether small and private, or large-scale. For more information about our event security services, please visit our service page, or contact our support team today.