Facilities Management Tips For Reducing Costs In Warehouses

see how you can reduce costs with these facilities management tips

As a warehouse, you’re always looking to cut costs wherever possible, especially in times like these where costs everywhere seem to be rising, and saving is ever more important. One way to reduce costs is by optimising your facility to require less heating and energy costs. Let’s take a look at a few ways to do so.


Switch to LEDs

Lighting is a huge cost for any warehouse or distribution, as they usually need to remain on for the duration of the workday (and sometimes even throughout the night), and because of the sheer quantity needed to light such a large indoor area. In fact, lighting can account for up to 40% of all electricity costs for some businesses!

If you don’t yet use LED bulbs in all lighting fixtures, you should strongly consider making the switch – LEDs save up to 86% on electricity costs over an older filament bulb. On top of that, they will typically last around 50 times longer than a filament bulb, meaning you won’t have to replace them as often.

Upgrade all windows

Another effective way to reduce your longer-term building costs is to ensure that all windows are modern and provide you with maximum efficiency. Although they may seem like a minor issue that’s not worth spending money on, having newer double-glazed windows can save you hundreds if not thousands of pounds per year (depending on the size of your warehouse) in energy costs.

Modern windows are double-glazed and will often come with a “window film” coating that will further reduce heat loss. If all windows are new and efficient, then your building will remain warmer, whilst spending less to heat it as the warm air will remain inside for much longer. That’s good news given the fact that heating is essential to productivity and is one of your largest costs!



Check your roofing

The roof of your building is another way in which energy efficiency can be drastically worsened, or
improved. There are several ways in which a good quality, new roof will keep your building extremely well insulated. As your roof ages, it will lose these abilities and will in turn cost your business more.

Whether it’s insulation within the roof becoming old and less efficient, roof ventilation becoming blocked, or roof shingles being outdated and less efficient at keeping out wind, an old roof will cost your business considerable amounts in energy costs. By getting your roof upgraded or replaced entirely, you’ll save lots in the long run.


Seal your air ducts

Air ducts are what transport air from your HVAC system all around the warehouse – without it, staff would get cold and your work environment would become pretty unbearable! Over time, they experience a lot of stress and pressure causing them to slowly wear out. In particular, the sealing can become damaged or come loose, allowing air to leak.

Having air ducts resealed so that no air escapes has been shown to reduce HVAC energy consumption costs by up to 20%. Not only will you reduce costs but you’ll be able to heat or cool your building much more effectively in future.


If you require any Facilities Management services to help you upgrade your industrial facility and reduce your costs in the long run, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.