How Can Aegis Support Services Keep Your Site Secure, Even When You’re Not There?

security guards team - mobile patrols service in bedfordshire

Making sure that your facility is kept secure at all times is extremely important – many schools and workplaces are filled with valuable equipment and goods that make for prime targets of theft and break-in. Especially when you’re away, your building is at risk which could cost you tens of thousands if unsuccessfully secured. That’s why at Aegis Support Services, we have a range of measures to protect your organisation around the clock, even if you’re away for longer periods of time, preventing you from major losses and damages!


Remote CCTV Monitoring

One of the most cost-effective ways to keep your site safer is install an extensive CCTV monitoring system that covers all major entry and exit points. Having CCTV cameras first and foremost deters criminals from breaking into your site as the fear of being caught rises. On average it’s suspected that 16% of crimes do not go ahead simply as a result of visible CCTV cameras being setup.


Our CCTV systems can also be set up to be monitored remotely, allowing us to keep a close eye on your building 24/7, even if you’re not there and no staff are on-site. Not only can we detect unusual activity and send rapid response teams, but we can set up remotely triggered warning systems that allow our on-watch teams to give verbal warnings through speakers, as well as have remote control over barriers, gates and locks.


Key Holding & Alarm Response

Our key holding and alarm response service is another effective way to prevent losses. Our team will keep your building’s keys and access cards safe, enabling authorised personnel to enter the site when necessary whilst you’re gone, and preventing any likelihood of keys going missing or falling into the wrong hands.


As part of this service, we also have a rapid response team on standby who are able to deal with any alarm triggers, at any time of day. If false alarms go off and police are alerted, this could mean that they are less likely to come in future, making real alarm trips more dangerous. Our rapid response teams will arrive onsite quickly to determine whether an alarm trip is false or genuine to prevent this from happening, and leave you a full incident report for when you return. If an alarm trip is genuine, our teams will help to prevent further loss and check your entire site for intruders.


Mobile Patrols

Deterring criminal activity is a top priority when keeping your business safe, and that’s exactly what mobile patrols can help you do. Nowadays, many criminals will spend time observing your facility and establishing the most effective way to gain access. If they see security patrols watching over the building at any time, this is enough to prevent them from ever returning. Our high liveried security vehicles will patrol your site at random or fixed times to provide a protective presence that will help to deter illegal activity.


Our fully trained teams can be given pre-agreed tasks that range from simple external checks of all access points such as gates and main doors, to full internal patrols. In the unlikely event of an incident you will be informed immediately, as will the emergency services if required, and we will leave you a full report to assess the situation and any damages that may have occurred.


Property Maintenance & Boarding Up

If your site is likely to be empty for longer periods of time, for example over school holidays, or during out-of-season periods, you may want to strengthen the building itself to make it harder to access. Our property maintenance team can repair any damaged and vulnerable points, or renew certain parts of your building to make it look newer and more secure.

If you have a large number of easily-accessible windows, our boarding up teams can provide secure, extremely affordable boarding across them to bolster up your building. This makes it much harder for anyone to gain access, and prevents anyone from seeing what’s inside, keeping your facility protected over longer periods of time.


For more information on how you can keep your building secure around the clock and when you’re away, get in touch with our team today. As a premium service provider, we’ll give you the best customer service along with effective, integrated security protection.