How CCTV Can Work With Remote Monitoring & Control To Keep Your Facility Secure Around The Clock

cctv can work with remote monitoring to keep your facility secure around the clock

Many organisations struggle to keep their facility secure around the clock as businesses, schools, and most commercial sites are left unattended overnight. With no staff onsite, it makes your building more vulnerable and without correct security measures in place, virtually impossible to guard. Luckily, advanced CCTV systems and remote site control technology is now providing a more affordable way for organisations to protect their property at all times of the day and year. So how does it work?



High Tech CCTV Systems

Modern CCTV systems are an extremely effective way to maintain security levels throughout the night, over weekends, and during holidays thanks to their ability to deal with a wider range of incidents than ever before.

First and foremost, they act as a deterrent, reducing the likelihood of incidents occurring. However, modern high-tech systems do much more than that. High quality cameras can be installed around the site with reliable 24-hour transmission to a remote site where they can be monitored for activity around the clock, with advanced face tracking, movement tracking, and low light visibility. They can also be setup up with specific motion sensors and other detectors in order to automatically trigger an alarm or rapid response team.




Paired With Remote Site Management For Total Control

Thanks to the reliable transmission equipment used to relay CCTV footage, site management systems can also be connected remotely for enhanced control of your facility, even when nobody is there.

This allows remote security personnel to control gates, barriers, automatic doors and more when necessary to provide rapid access to those who need it and lock unauthorised visitors out. Additionally, the same systems can be used to activate speaker systems around the facility to provide alerts to anyone onsite: intruders can be warned and deterred whilst members of the workforce can be alerted to an intruder or incident elsewhere in the building.


Your site secure. Always.

The result of these advanced remote systems? Your site remains secure and protected at all times. With professional surveillance teams monitoring CCTV footage and able to take remote control of access barriers around your facility, you can rest assured that your building will be safe and sound when you’re not around.

Not only will you have improved deterrence measures, but any activity will be carefully monitored and dealt with accordingly to massively limit damage and losses.

If you’re looking for an affordable way to up the security of your organisation’s premises at all times of the day, then a sitewide CCTV and remote site management system is the most effective way to do so.