How To Choose The Best Facilities Management Provider

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Facilities management has the ability to transform the way your organisation operates in its entirety. For this to be a positive transformation, you need to make sure you’re choosing the right provider who can take your business to where it wants to be. There are many things to consider when choosing, and you should think about each of them carefully before making a decision. Here are some important things you should consider when choosing the best facilities management provider!


Training & Qualifications

When outsourcing facilities management, you want your provider to offer first class teams with the trust that they’ll help your business, rather than hinder it. You should make sure that everyone is trained properly to industry standards, and that the company you opt for are qualified and accredited to provide you with a top level service.

Some certifications and accreditations to look out for include ISO, Chas, and SIA accreditation.


Existing Client Relationships

A good sign of whether a facilities management provider is good at what they do and can provide you with an effective, top-level service is to look at their relationship with existing or previous clients. Average FM contracts last for about 3 years, but if you’re serious about improving your organisation, look to see if their clients have been with them for 5 or more years.

This is a great indicator of what a facilities management provider are like, as those with many clients who stick around for the long haul are likely to be generating good results and providing a fantastic service. If this information isn’t clear, you could always ask them for more information on their track record!



Excellent FM providers will set out a clearly defined list of KPIs that they’ll stick to in order to help your business get closer to its goals. Make sure that they will lay out relevant KPIs and report on these in a clear manner that you can understand. The point of outsourcing is to make your job easier, so if you’re unable to understand the results that they’re getting, how, and why, then they’re probably not right for you. Always ask as a good FM provider will be able to adapt to your exact needs.

Be sure to check their KPI achievement if it’s available too as this will also give you a strong idea of how effective they are as an FM organisation. If they can’t stick to many KPIs, it’s unlikely they’ll be able to for your company.


Can They Accommodate Your Needs?

Every organisation has its own set of needs and wants, so you should always make sure that yours are going to be met by your new facilities management provider. To be the most effective, FM needs to integrate with your overall goals and truly become a part of your organisation.

Are they able to get to know the ins and outs of your business, and tailor their FM services to become a part of your organisation’s own structure, planning, and goals?


Can You Rely On Them?

As mentioned, the reason to outsource your FM is to make your life easier, and reduce your costs, so you need a provider who’s able to work independently to get the results that you need, without too much support from your management.

Check that the provider is confident in working without much support, sticking to KPIs, and understanding exactly what needs to be done and how to do it for your specific organisation. You’ll need them to be able to adapt to your environment easily without a major transition or constant support, and help your business to achieve its goals independently.


If you’d like to learn more about Aegis Support Services as a Facilities Management provider, have a read through our website or get in touch with us! You can learn about our previous results as an FM provider, and see our accreditations which include ISO, SIA, Chas, BICSc, and more!