Important Areas That Need To Be Kept Clean Around Your Premises That Are Often Neglected


Keeping your workplace clean for your staff is important for many reasons, especially during allergy season. From allowing employees to work more comfortably, to preventing illness and maintaining efficiency, cleaning should receive sufficient attention in every business.

For a number of reasons, including difficulty to clean them and simply forgetting about them, many spots unfortunately get forgotten or don’t get cleaned frequently enough – meaning that they could be harbouring a variety of allergens and germs that make your working space less safe and comfortable.


Areas That Are Often Neglected

The following areas and parts of your premises often get forgotten about, however are all still highly likely to build up dust, bacteria, and other potentially harmful germs.

  • Vents and airducts that could be transporting dust, allergens, and debris throughout your HVAC system.
  • High ceilings which can be trickier to reach, however still build up dust and cobwebs, especially in warehouse buildings.
  • All ceiling and wall fixtures, not just lights. Everything in these areas can build up dust including alarms, detectors and sensors, and signs.
  • All furniture needs cleaning, but it’s important to remember that underneath, behind, and on top of individual drawers or shelves all need to be covered.
  • Computers and keyboards can harbour the most germs and dust of anything within your building! They should be cleaned frequently and carefully.
  • Curtains and blinds – particularly in areas with high airflow – are susceptible to dust build-ups which can easily be blown further into the workplace.


How To make sure you keep your building clean

Before your workplace can be a healthy, comfortable space for all of your staff, it needs to be kept clean at all times. Therefore, a proper cleaning strategy should be implemented, that takes into consideration all of the spaces mentioned here, along with other important areas such floors, carpets, desks, chairs, and breakrooms.

Depending on the size and complexity of your premises, utilising a professional cleaning service might be required in order to help maintain sufficient levels of cleanliness. Doing so ensures that harmful bacteria and germs, along with allergens are kept out of the workplace, enabling your staff to remain healthy – which helps to maximise productivity and efficiency for your business!

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