Key Holding & Alarm Response – Is your building secure over the holidays?

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With the summer holidays finally here, it’s crucial that your school, college or building is safely secured. The way you can ensure this is by working with a company that can be entrusted to hold your keys and deal with alarm incidents.

Besides safeguarding the keys, trained Response Officers will be the first to react whenever an alarm goes off within your building.

Reasons To Consider Key Holding:

  • Less wasted time for staff as they won’t have to wait hours for an alarm engineer after a falsely tripped alarm.
  • Police may not come as a result of false positive alarm trips, which could be dangerous in real future alarm events. Key holding services can help you avoid these.
  • Safeguard your school or building when it is empty – response officers will arrive rapidly and know whether a break-in has occurred, or if it was a false alarm.
  • It’s an affordable and stress-free way to make sure your premises is not at risk, even when nobody is there.
  • It adds protection to your school or business in an important time, where crime rates are up due to the current pandemic.

Aegis Security offer affordable protection for your business

For less than £1 a day, you can use a professional key holding service that will assure you that they will be quick to respond and provide you with peace of mind. Any alarms, be they legitimate or false, will be dealt with professionally and effectively.

To secure your school over weekends, holidays, and other times when it could be useful, find out more about Aegis Security’s Key holding services today.