Making Your Facility Strong And Safe For The Winter

making your facility strong and safe for the winter - business security tips

Although it definitely feels like winter has already hit, it has only just officially begun. With shorter days and adverse weather, your business, school or organisation should ensure that it remains safe and sound. In this short guide, we’ll tell you what checks to do and how you can make sure that your building is ready for the winter season.

Security Checks

With a higher liklihood of frosts, rain and strong winds, it’s essential that your grounds’ physical security measures – such as gates, fences and padlocks – are all in top condition going into winter.

If anything is rusted or old, it will weaken the metal and allow for easier breaches. Although break-ins aren’t a regular occurrence, they do increase with winter’s shorter, darker days, so it’s best to be extra careful. Strong locks, secure gates and sturdy fences will help to make sure your building is protected – not only against crime but against the weather too.

Weather-proofing your building

As we mentioned, the weather during the winter months tends to be at its worst; stronger winds, more rainfall, potential snow and icy frosts are all more common. To make sure that your building is prepped and ready, you should carry out a small check of key areas that could cause you problems in the winter.

Are all windows sealed properly and can they shut nice and tightly? Do your doors have proper seals? Is your roof free of any gaps or holes that could cause a leak? Making sure that your building has no potential leak hazards before going into winter can save you from huge problems and costs further down the line where weather could worsen small problems.

Check (And Upgrade) Your Lighting

Lighting has a huge range of benefits when it’s done properly. New, modern and efficient lighting can reduce your electricity costs, improve the happiness of staff or workers, improve workplace safety, reduce crime and even increase productivity!

Within your building, setting up the correct lights has been shown to improve the moods of workers! Not only can this make them generally happier, but it can lead to improved productivity for you.

Outside lights can also help by improving visibility during darker winter days. In carparks and busy entranceways this will allow people to see further, reducing the likelihood of workplace accidents and injuries. Outdoor lighting can also deter break-ins, especially when combined with CCTV systems, as burglars will be more visible in the footage, as well as to people nearby.

Using Effective Security Measures

According to the Office for National Statistics, burglaries are more likely to occur in winter and the build-up to Christmas. You should make sure that your facility is safe and protected against any attempts to gain unauthorised entry by checking for, installing or improving effective security measures.

These include CCTV systems, smart locks, security alarms and security guards. Depending on the size and attractiveness of your business, school, or building, you should use a combination of these measures to ensure that the building remains safe at all times. Using advanced technologies to keep your building under surveillance and locked will deter and prevent any break-in attempts.


By using these tips, checking your facility and improving any measures that may need it, you can make sure that your building remains safe during winter. Not only will you be protected against many forms of crime, but against severe weather and potential workplace accidents.