Peace of Mind For Your Business At Christmas

security for businesses whilst they are closed for the holidays

Christmas is just around the corner now and your business has likely already established when it will be closing. However, have you considered the safety of your premises whilst you and your staff are away?


From keeping your site secure, to enabling safe access to authorised staff, to managing alarm systems properly, it’s important that your building is well-managed over the Christmas period. Here’s a quick checklist of what you need to have considered and how you can get them sorted easily.



What Do You Need To Consider?


➡ Site Access – is there anyone who needs to access your site or building during your Christmas closure? Have they got access whilst preventing access for unauthorised personnel?

➡ Alarm Systems – do you have a security alarm system in place to detect break-ins? Is it working?

➡ Alarm Response – even if your alarm triggers falsely, did you know that you need someone to be onsite within 20 minutes?

➡ Valuables – is any valuable equipment such as computers or expensive machinery visible from the outside?

➡ Does your business look like an easy target? What is your physical security like? Would a criminal think it looks easy to bypass your current security?


Get It Sorted


➡ Bolster your access points to ensure that entry is made difficult for anyone who is attempting to gain unauthorised access. You could use a variety of security measures such as locks, cameras, and physical security guards or patrols

➡ Make sure that you can provide access safely to those who need it still, such as maintenance staff and management. Whether access is with keys or smart lock systems, ensure that only the right people have access to them

➡ Have your alarm systems tested before you close to make sure they’re working properly

➡ Clarify who is able to respond to any alarms before you close. They must be able to reach your site within 20 minutes of the alarm triggering

➡ Hide valuables out of sight and create more visual deterrents in the form of security measures. CCTV cameras, patrols, locks, and sufficient lighting are all effective visual deterrents



Contact Aegis


If you’re not sure whether your site is safe and secure, or need help with bolstering your security, creating more visual deterrence, and managing site access and alarm response, get in touch with Aegis as soon as possible. We can arrange to have additional measures in place that help your business to remain safe and secure throughout the Christmas holidays.