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security guarding services that you can trust with aegis support services

Security guarding services play an important role for many organisations and they help to prevent and deal with countless incidents each year. However, in order to know that they’ll be helping to support your business effectively, keep you safe, and prevent unnecessary costs, you need to know that you’re getting the best.

Being able to trust your security team and know that you’re getting highly trained, professional staff is key to an effective relationship on both sides.


Our Security Guarding Services


At Aegis Support Services, we’ve been providing first class security for many years, allowing us to support businesses across the country and keep them safe. Our Manned Guarding service has been one of our primary offerings as we have built a team of experienced and well-received staff.

Our security guarding services cover a broad spectrum of applications and can fulfil almost any requirement you may have from static security to mobile security, store security, night time security, and much more.


How Can You Trust That Our Guards Are The Best?


Screened And Vetted

Before we hire any of our security guards, they’re screened and vetted to BS7858 UK standards. This means that they’re checked across a number of criteria to ensure that they’re qualified to work as a security guard, have experience doing so, and have a clean record.

This way, you know that any of our guards supporting your business are trustworthy and reliable.


SIA Licensed

All security guards at Aegis are SIA licensed, meaning they have undergone sufficient training in their relevant field to provide them with the skills needed to carry out their job effectively and professionally at all times.

We ensure that all SIA licences are valid and are renewed every 3 years, as is required to continue working in the industry.


First Aid Trained

Keeping people safe is the primary goal of our security guards, and in order to do so, they need to be able to deal with emergency medical situations and injuries.

That’s why all of our security guards are first aid trained to a high level that gives them the knowledge and skills needed to help people in emergencies. Whether you own a commercial site with lots of staff, or a property where many customers are onsite, you rest assured knowing that our guards are there to maintain safety and quickly deal with any medical incidents should they occur.


Aegis Training

Our security guards also have access to our in-house training centre – Aegis Training. As a verified course provider, we are able to provide our security guards with regular training and updates that allows them to remain at the forefront of the security industry at all times. We also provide training that may be of relevance to the specific site they are working on for example, Safeguarding children or GDPR training.

Thanks to this, you won’t find better trained security guards than with Aegis Support Services!


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If you need on-site support across your organisation that helps to maintain safety, keeps your premises secure, and is able to provide you and your customers with a professional experience, get in touch with us today for a free quick quote! Whatever your requirements are, our team can support your business with exactly what you need.