The Benefits of Waste Management In Schools

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Waste management is a huge responsibility for schools, which is often hard to manage. With a broad range of waste types from food, to packaging, to paper and materials, to stationery equipment, UK schools produce more than 200,000 tonnes of waste each year! Managing waste properly, recycling, and removing rubbish from school sites is all part of an effective waste strategy that can improve a facility on multiple levels. Let’s take a look at what it can do for your school and benefits that you can see from it.



School Waste Disposal

In the UK, schools, colleges, and universities have a legal duty to ensure that there’s an efficient waste management system in place that aims to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Educational facilities are also a major role model for children around the country and play a pivotal role in shaping waste habits for our younger generations.

With the amount of solid waste increasing in schools year on year, it’s becoming ever more difficult to manage, however there are major benefits that your school could see from an improved system!



What Waste Management Can Help You With

Waste management providers can help you with a range of factors that help your school to improve and become a cleaner environment:


  • Supplying more bins for your school – in order to cope with the constant increase in waste, placing more bins around your grounds helps to eliminate litter and deal with the waste more effectively. These bins can then be collected and disposed of easily.
  • Preventing waste build ups – with more waste on your site, it can be harder to remove it consistently and efficiently. A specialised waste management provider can schedule regular pickups to keep your school clear of rubbish.
  • Better waste separation – schools produce a wide range of waste types from food waste, general waste, packaging, metals, plastics, sanitary waste, covid testing waste, and more. Separating waste correctly is key to improving recycling and waste management can provide an optimised system to do so
  • Improved waste reduction – professional waste management operators are able to share their expertise with your school to teach you best practices on waste avoidance and streamline your supply chain to reduce the amount of waste passing through your school


The Benefits Of This

A cleaner school

With less waste building up onsite and a more effective waste disposal system, your school will become a much cleaner place. Not only is this beneficial to the health of staff and students, but it keeps you well above legal standards and presents your school in a better light to any visitors or prospective parents!

Fewer hazards

Poorly maintained waste facilities and bins can cause a hazard for children, as rubbish that overflows or is left lying on the ground could cause somebody to slip or trip. With regularly managed and maintained waste disposal facilities, your school will be free of these potential risks.

More recycling & improved sustainability

Waste management providers can help you to separate waste properly, recycle it after collection, and streamline your overall system to lower waste production. This improves your sustainability as less of your waste ends up in landfill, and helps your school to look after our planet.

Promotes responsible waste habits in children

As we mentioned before, schools play a vital role in teaching children how to deal with waste properly. By having an effective waste management strategy, you’ll show them how to reduce their waste production, how to keep areas clean, and how to recycle – building a more sustainable generation!