Time for an Electrical Inspection?

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Over time, electrical equipment can become damaged or simply develop faults. In some cases, this can be dangerous and create risks in the workplace, such as electrical fires and electric shocks. In order to minimise these risks, it is important that you have electrical equipment in your premise tested regularly.

Why is now a good time to have your electricals tested?

electricalAs a result of recent events with Covid-19, many businesses have closed their premises for long periods of time. Due to this, many electrical appliances may have been left plugged in, left switched on or been exposed to more dirt and dust than usual, which could have caused them to become faulty.


Instead of checking appliances yourself to see if they still work, it is far safer to have them professionally tested and given the go-ahead. This will prevent you or any staff or customers from mis-using faulty devices and from potential shocks.

What’s more is that systems within your building, such as fire alarms, extinguishers, sprinklers and CCTV may have been disabled or stopped working during the time in which you were gone. It is crucial that your fire systems are fully working, should a fire break out in the building, meaning that it is very important to have them checked and repaired – especially if this has not been done in a while due to Covid-19.


By allowing professionals to check your fire and CCTV systems, you can be sure that they will be tested properly, and any faults at all will be dealt with quickly upon reopening from Covid.

Which appliances need to be tested?

lightsAlmost everything in the building that requires electricity should be tested, including smaller things that many people may forget about. Portable appliances, fixed appliances, fire alarms, fire detectors, sprinkler systems, CCTV camera units, intruder alarms and even things as small as lights need to be checked and monitored safely. By having all electrical appliances tested, your workplace will remain safe for everyone in it.

PAT testing will make sure that all portable appliances are kept in good working order and safe to use. With almost one quarter of all electrical accidents occurring from portable appliances, it is essential that they are tested regularly.

Having security and fire systems tested will keep your premises safe at all times and will greatly reduce the risk of emergencies.

By having lighting tested it will prevent bulbs and fixtures from overheating or blowing out. Not only that, but light checks can help to keep your lighting systems up to date and eco-friendly – by having the most energy efficient lighting, your business can save huge amounts of money.

How Aegis Support Services can keep your electrical appliances safe

Aegis Support Services provide full and extensive electrical services, including PAT testing, electrical inspections, fire and security system checks and maintenance, lighting checks and electrical risk assessments. By using a professional service like Aegis, you ensure that your staff and customers remain in a safe environment, especially when returning from Covid-19 closures where appliances may not have been tested in a long while.

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